How to Write a Cycling Resume

By Marie Cartwright

When applying for a coaching position or a prestigious race, cyclists may find it necessary to write a formal resume. In many ways, writing a resume that revolves around your cycling experience is not too different from writing a resume for a job. As with any resume, a professional-looking format and a clean, easy-to-read font will help you to stand out from the crowd. Before you begin, you will need to assemble any records you have of your past race times and ranks.

Begin with your personal information. Include your birth date and physical specifications, such as your height and weight. If you specialize in a particular type of cycling, detail that here as well.

List your most notable accomplishments. For example, if you are the winner of a prestigious cycling award or have been featured in a cycling publication, these are attributes that distinguish you from other riders. You want things of this nature to be one of the first items you reader sees.

List any and all work experience that you have had involving cycling. This can include teaching, coaching, working at a gym, etc. Showing that you are skilled enough to teach other cyclists will impress your readers.

Detail all races you have participated in. Include the location and date of each race. Note your finishing time and the type of race (speed trial, century, etc.). If you took a high-ranking place or won an award, make sure to mention it.

List all the training you have received. This is applicable only if you have taken special courses or were under the tutelage of a private trainer. Having spent time riding with family members or friends should not be mentioned in this portion, unless those persons were accomplished cyclists.

Include information about your employment and education background. This step is optional, as it does not directly relate to your cycling accomplishments. However, the people looking at your resume will probably appreciate knowing a bit more about you.


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