How to Write an Athletic Bio for Professional Coaches

By Laura Carroll

Any athlete looking to break into a professional realm needs a biography of his or her accomplishments. Many potential employers also want a list of a player's statistics to use as a reference tool. People looking for a coaching job need an athletic biography as well that outlines their knowledge and experience in the chosen sport. With a strong athletic bio that showcases your background, you're one step closer to landing your next coaching job.

Open a word processing document on your computer and save a new file.

Briefly outline the early stages of your athletic experience, such as when you were an adolescent.

Add specific details of any post-high school experience or training. Make sure to give specifics here -- if you studied with a highly regarded person, name-drop in your biography.

Begin to segue into your leadership qualities and any scenarios where you led training sessions or were in charge of a practice team.

Give hard coaching experience and list any mentionable accomplishments. Make sure to track your progress with teams you've coached and how you helped individual players.


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