How to Wrap Feet for Kickboxing

By Rona Aquino

Kickboxing is a martial arts style of fighting as well as a recreational form of exercise. It uses moves that can be strenuous to your muscles and joints. If you practice kickboxing, you can benefit from wrapping your feet as a preventive measure to protect your ankles. Due to the high-impact moves involved in kickboxing, your ankles are particularly susceptible to injuries.

Step 1

Spray your skin thoroughly with the tape adhesive spray. This will aid in securing the athletic tape by making it stick stronger.

Step 2

Cut pieces of the pre-taping underwrap. Position your ankle at a 90-degree angle and then use the pre-taping underwrap pieces to pad the areas around your ankle bone. This will help protect your skin from irritations from the athletic tape. Continue wrapping throughout, using the standard figure-eight design.

Step 3

Take the athletic tape and form anchors at the top of the wrap. Put another anchor under the foot, progressing to the top. Cover all areas wrapped by the pre-tape.

Step 4

Continue to add three stirrups and then wrap thoroughly using the figure-six tape design.

Step 5

Make a mid-foot sling and apply a half-heel lock to your wrap for additional support.


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