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How to Wrap Bullhorns

By Mary Jane

Bullhorn cycling handlebars are curved as a set of horns, bending away from the rider. This type of cycling handle is often used on professional bicycles, including fixed-gear bikes. The curvy handle provides the rider with various options of steering the bike. Wrapping bullhorn handle bars with protective tape not only protects the bullhorn handlebars from the elements, but it also ensures the rider's stability as his hands are less likely to slip.

Remove your biking accessories from your bullhorn handlebar. This includes gears and biking bell. Use the screwdriver to loosen the bolts holding them in place and slide them off the bullhorn handlebars.

Remove existing protective tape. Wash away old adhesive residue using damp water and a cloth. If the handlebars are bare, wipe them clean with the water and cloth.

Check to see if the handlebars are secure and sitting where they normally would sit. If not, make the necessary adjustments to the handlebars using the screwdriver to loosen bolts and hands to adjust the handlebars.

Remove the plastic ends on each side of the bullhorn handlebars. Keep them aside for now.

Apply protective tape on one side at a time. Start at the middle of the handlebars and work outward on both sides. Line the tape up to the middle where the bullhorn handlebars start. Begin wrapping slowly, covering the handlebar in one circular motion. Start creating a slight angle to proceed with the wrapping movements.

Wrap around the handlebar until the one side of the bullhorn handlebar is completely covered. Once you reach the end, wrap 1/2-inch longer than the handlebars. Cut the protective tape end off when done.

Push the loose ends of the protective tape into the end cylinder of the handlebars by creating small folds. Put one of the plastic ends into the handlebar ends again to secure the protective tape.

Tape the other side of the bullhorn handlebars. Remember to secure the plastic end into the metal handlebar end when done to secure the tape.

Slide the gears and bike bell onto the handlebars again and use a screwdriver to secure the bolts holding them in place.

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