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How to Workout With Balloons

By Contributor

Balloons, although typically decoration for parties or the objects of children's games, can also provide you with a fun and therapeutic tool for exercise. A balloon workout can be used with a doctor approved health maintenance plan to increase agility and mobility and to help improve heart and respiratory health, balance, manual dexterity and muscle tone.

Prepare for your workout by inflating three medium-sized balloons, changing into lightweight, breathable workout appropriate apparel, setting up music and removing potential fall hazards such as objects on the floor that could cause you to trip.

Plan your workout by listing the amount of time you are devoting to the workout for that day. Make room in your plan for a pre-workout 15 minute stretching warm-up. Break up exercises within the workout into five or 10 minute increments with a short hydration or "catch-your-breath" break in between.

Begin stretching and breathing exercises. Stretch at a slow and steady pace until your body feels relaxed.

Practice bouncing a balloon into the air with one hand without letting it drop to the floor and repeat with the opposite hand. If working out with a partner or several other people, practice bopping the balloon to them using the same method--first one hand and then the other. As the exercise progresses, bop the balloon higher into the air with one hand, then the other and then both hands (similar to volleyball moves). Take a break.

Repeat Step 5 with various body parts. Take a break.

Run in place holding your balloon, and change the balloon position while running. Try holding the balloon in front of you close to your chest as you run, holding the balloon straight out away from you body, and holding the balloon above your head with both hands. Take a break.

Hit the balloon away from your body as hard as you can, and then run after it. Repeat this several times. Take a break.

Juggle several balloons or balance one balloon on your finger, nose or the back of your hand. Take a break.

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