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What is a Swingman Jersey?

By Allison Boelcke

A swingman jersey is a style of basketball jersey that resembles what professional basketball players wear. They are made to be visually similar to authentic jerseys but at a lower cost. The National Basketball Association (NBA) offers the option of swingman jerseys to fans who can't afford authentic jerseys, but want something more high quality than heat pressed jerseys. Swingman jerseys have design details that set them apart from other jersey styles.


The NBA makes three types of basketball jerseys to sell: authentic, which are identical in design and material to professional jerseys, replica, which are inexpensive printed versions, and Swingman.


Swingman jerseys are less expensive than authentic, but made of higher quality materials than replicas.


Swingman jerseys have tackle twill lettering, which is when the letters and numbers are cut out of twill fabric and heat pressed onto the jersey. This gives the appearance of being hand stitched.


Swingman jerseys are made of polyester mesh that has small holes to allow for ventilation, which is similar to the authentic mesh design that professional basketball players wear.


Sizing is measured small through 2XL and the alpha sizing is displayed on the bottom right of the jersey. This gives it a similar look to professional jerseys, but with the numerical sizes displayed.

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