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What Is the Length of a Pool Cue?

By Jake Emen

Is there one specific and appropriate length for a pool cue? In trying to improve your billiards game, choosing the right equipment that fits you accordingly could make a big difference. Additionally, when purchasing equipment for your house, you want to make an investment that makes sense.

Previous Standard Length

The previous standard length for pool cues was 56 inches. However, the industry has since elongated pool sticks, perhaps as a result of average height increases across society.

Modern Standard Length

The standard length for pool cues today is between 57 and 58 inches. Generally speaking, one-piece cues are 57 inches, while two-piece sticks are more typically 58 inches.

Custom Pool Cues

Custom pool cues are commonly requested to be made longer--up to 60 inches in length--to accommodate taller individuals.

Smaller Cues for a Smaller Table or Space

If you have a limited amount of space in your game room, one way to get around this problem is by purchasing smaller than normal cue sticks. This will give you more flexibility and maneuverability.

Pool Sticks for Children

Pool sticks for children are made as small as 36 inches. Some manufacturers make incremental lengths, so that as children develop they will always have a suitable pool stick to use.

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