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What is a Good Golf Score for a Beginner?

By John Lindell

The individual that first takes up golf should not worry too much about his or her score during those first outings on the local course. However, at some point the beginner will start to seriously keep track of the score as a way to monitor any progress that may be being made.

A reasonable score

The typical 18-hole golf course has a combined par within the range of 70 to 72. A reasonable score for a beginner would be to average a double bogey (two over par) on every hole, which would give them a score of 108.

Breaking 100

One goal for the beginner that shows promise at golf is to attempt to shoot a round that is under 100. Any beginner that can boast of such an accomplishment will garner some attention, since many seasoned players have a hard time breaking 100.

Par threes

The par three holes are holes with reachable greens for the beginners. Longer par threes that require a long iron off the tee can give a beginner headaches, since the longer irons needed to reach a hole can be harder to learn to hit accurately.

Par fours

The beginner playing a par four hole will need to hit a good tee shot to have a decent chance of scoring well on the hole. Erratic tee shots will doom a golfer new to the game, forcing them to scramble just to get to the green in three shots many times and giving them little chance to make a par or bogey.

Par fives

Long holes can intimidate the beginner. A beginner often finds she has to hit a fairway wood on her second shot to make up for a short tee shot, which can land her in trouble, as long shots are difficult for beginners. The par fives can lead to some inflated scores.

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