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What Equipment is Needed to Play Cricket?

By Amber Kelsey

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that has been popular in Britain for centuries. The sport consists of two teams made up of 11 players each. Cricket can be a dangerous game to play, and you must have the proper equipment to reduce your chance of injuries.

Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are similar in size and hardness to American baseballs. Cricket balls are made with a cork base that is wrapped in twine and covered with thick, red or white leather.

Cricket Bat

Cricket bats are made from willow and consist of the blade and a long, sturdy handle. The blade is smooth and flat on one side and slightly rounded on the other.

Cricket Helmet

Batsmen and close fielders should wear cricket helmets with face guards. A cricket ball reaches very high speeds and can cause fatal damage if it hits a player in the face or the head.

Cricket Gloves

Cricket gloves are essential because broken fingers are the most common injuries in the sport. Gloves should be lightweight and consist of flexible padding on the thumb and the first two fingers.


Batsmen need to wear thigh guards, elbow guards, chest guards and arm guards to protect their body from the hard cricket ball. All padding should be lightweight so players can easily run between the wickets.


Most cricket players wear long pants and a polo shirt. Shoes are typically leather with spiked soles for increased traction on the grass.

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