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What Equipment Do You Need to Skydive?

By Denise Sullivan

Skydiving is an extremely dangerous activity that requires quality equipment. A malfunction in your skydiving equipment can cause serious injury or even death, so make sure you are prepared before your next jump. Skydiving equipment can be quite expensive to purchase new, but discounted used equipment can be found at many shops.


The parachute is the most important piece of equipment you need; the best place to buy a parachute is from a skydiving shop, since they inspect and certify the equipment before selling it.


A skydiving jumpsuit protects you and your clothing from high winds as you fall, and from any objects or shrubs on the ground when you land.

Automatic Activation Device (AAD)

The automatic activation device (AAD) will launch the parachute even when you do not manually pull the ripcord. This crucial piece of skydiving equipment detects how fast you are falling, and releases the backup parachute if the speed of your descent indicates that your main parachute did not deploy.


The altimeter tells you when to deploy your parachute.


Protective skydiving equipment like a helmet, padding and spinal protector can help prevent injury in case something goes wrong on your jump.

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