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What Is the Difference Between Golf Clubs?

By Wayne Lin

Using the right golf club is essential in getting the ball to the hole. Every golfer should be equipped with a driver, irons, woods, wedge and putter. They all have their specific purposes for the ball and it is important to know when to use them. If a golfer uses the incorrect club, a golfer may not to achieve the score she wants.


Drivers are only used to tee off on the hole. They are used for no other purposes other than to tee off.


Not to be confused with a driver, a wood is designed to hit the ball a long distance toward the hole. They have a fat head but not as big as a driver.


An iron is used when the golfer hits the approaching shot to the green. They are often flat-faced, designed to hit the ball out of rough patches of grass.


Wedges are used to shoot a high projectile shot, particularly if the ball is in a sand trap or the hole is on a hill.


Putters are used to putt the ball into the hole when the ball is on the green. They are specifically designed to roll the ball across the green.


A hybrid is a cross between a wood and an iron. It is made of iron and has the head of a wood.

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