Weight-Loss Games or Contests to Play

By Latoya McGill

Working out in groups and playing fun workout games or contests help make the task a bit easier and more fun. Contests and competitions help motivate people to reach goals they set for themselves and achieve those goals faster than others in the contest.

Team Contest

Put together two teams of friends, family members, or interested participants. Weigh each person and combine the weights for team members to have a weight for each team. Meet every two weeks for six months to have everyone weigh in to monitor progress and motivate team members. The team that has lost the most weight at the end of a specified period wins.

Weight-Loss Challenge

Replicate a Herbalife weight loss challenge or contact a Herbalife coach to hold a challenge for you and your friends. Have you and other challenge members meet every two weeks for a specified period to have everyone weigh in. Challenges are typically at least four months long. All participants must pay an entry fee. The fee amount should be reasonable but an amount that each participant would not want to lose. Entry fees go into a pot that will be given to the person who loses the most weight at the end of the period.

Inches, Not Weight

Rather than your standard contest to lose weight, focus more on inches. Similar to the weight-loss challenge, get a group of friends together. Have everyone get their measurements taken. The measurements should include measurements of their bust, hips, waist, thighs and biceps. Inches are a lot less likely to disappear as quickly as weight, so spread out the group meet-ups and make them once a month. At the end of six months, whoever has lost the most inches in all combined areas wins.

Group Workouts

Create teams and have them work out and compete against each other in different activities weekly. During the workouts, play many different fun games while exercising. For example, play basketball one day for a fun and competitive workout. The winning team gets one point. The next week, play baseball, have relay races, or play soccer or any other team sport. Continue the competitions for six months. The team that earns the most points after six months is the winner.

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