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How to Watch Golf Online For Free

By Contributor

Thanks to the Golf Channel, the first two rounds of most golf tournaments are no longer aired on basic cable television. However, with peer-to-peer broadcasting networks online, someone, somewhere usually is streaming the tournament you want to watch. Downloading a P2P TV client can help you find this week's golf tournament and watch it for free.

Step 1

Go online to the SopCast website (see the Resources section of this article).

Step 2

Click on the tab labeled "downloads."

Step 3

Download whichever version of SopCast is compatible for your computer's operating system.

Step 4

Install SopCast.

Step 5

Go to the MyP2P website (see the Resources of this article).

Step 6

Click on the tab labeled "Live Sports."

Step 7

Click on the tab labeled "Golf." This will take you to a list of all of the golf tournaments that are available online.

Step 8

Scroll down the screen until you find the golf tournament you are searching for. Once you do, click on the icon that is a small television set with an arrow inside of the TV. The arrow will be pointing to the right. This will take you to a screen that will have different options for you to stream that particular golf tournament.

Step 9

Look for a link to your golf tournament that will open up a SopCast channel. This can be found by looking under the column labeled "Software."

Step 10

Click "Play" next to any of the SopCast links for your particular golf match. This will open up SopCast.

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