How to Watch Baseball Games on Your Computer

By Micah Gordon

Baseball has long been considered America's national pastime. With new technologies arising constantly, the baseball experience is ever-changing. Now, in addition to being able to enjoy your favorite team's game in the stadium or from the comfort of your own couch, you can also watch games on your computer from anywhere in the country. Whether you want to keep the game on a second monitor at work or you're traveling in a market that doesn't carry your favorite team's matches, MLB.TV keeps you connected to baseball in a few easy steps.

Creating an Account

Register for an account with, or log in if you are already registered.

Proceed to, or follow the "Video" link at the top of the homepage to purchase a year's subscription to MLB.TV. The price for the full 2011 "premium" package is $99.95.

Enter all required information into the fields provided on the purchase page, then click "Complete Purchase" at the bottom of the page.

Watching the Games

Select "Watch MLB.TV" from the "Video" drop-down menu at the top of the homepage.

Click on the icon for the game you would like to watch from the Multimedia Center.

Login when prompted in order to access the video you selected. Some blackouts and restrictions may apply to certain games.

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