How to Wash Football Gloves

By James Wiley

Football gloves need to be washed to preserve their stickiness and also to keep them clean. Football gloves will start to build up a strong odor after use, and washing them eliminates this odor and keeps your house from reeking. Most football gloves can be machine washed and dried, or can be wiped down with a damp towel to remove superficial dirt. There is, however, a more effective procedure that will clean the gloves more thoroughly.

Fill a sink with lukewarm water, then add a few drops of the glove wash and stir the water around with the scrub brush.

Put the gloves in the water/glove wash mixture, and wash the outside of them. Use the scrub brush to work the dirt out of the gloves.

Remove the gloves from the water and turn them inside out, then put them back in the water and scrub them with the brush again.

Rinse the gloves off in clean water once they are cleaned to your satisfaction.


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