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How to Wash Boxing Hand Wraps

By Contributing Writer

Hand wraps are used in boxing as a means of protecting the tendons and bones in the hands from damage after repeated blows to an opponent. In addition to protecting your hands, hand wraps help give support to the wrists and thumbs during a fight or workout. Hand wraps should be worn both during fights and while training to prevent injury. It is important to thoroughly take care of and wash your hand wraps on a regular basis for them to remain effective.

Remove your boxing hand wraps from your hands and wrists after a fight or workout. Take the wraps and place them into the washing machine and add laundry detergent. Turn on the washing machine.

Allow the washing machine to run its course. Once the cycle has been completed, it is time to let the hand wraps dry.

Never put hand wraps into a conventional dryer without the proper accessories. Hand wraps should always be allowed to air dry as the dryer will twist the wraps during the cleaning process and render them unusable for boxing.

Purchase a special nylon bag or hand wrap wash bag if air-drying is not an option. One of these special bags will ensure that the hand wraps do not get tangled during the drying process and will keep them in optimal condition.

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