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Volleyball Serving Rules

By Greyson Ferguson

Volleyball, like any other sport, has specific rules you have to follow, and none is more important than how to serve. Read on to learn how to do it and what is at stake when you do it incorrectly.

Location on the Court

When you are serving in volleyball, there is only a specific location from which you can serve the ball. For starters, you can only be the server if you are the player located in the back right position of the court. In addition, you are not allowed to touch any area of the service zone until after the ball has been served. If you do you will be warned. If you do it again you will either forfeit the ball over to the other team or the other team will receive a point (depending on the rules you are folowing).

Server Rules

When you are given the ball to serve you are allowed only one toss. This means that once you toss the ball up with an intention to serve you must follow through. In addition, once the official blows the whistle for a serve to begin, you have only eight seconds to get the serve off. If you do not do so within this time the official will blow his whistle again and warn you of your infraction.

Serving Techniques

There are generally two different ways to serve a ball. The first is to jump while serving, the second is to stand while serving. If you do not jump you must remain behind the service line until after you serve the ball, otherwise the official will blow the serve dead and warn you. If you jump, you must start from behind the service line, or again you will be warned of your infraction. In addition, you can not hit the ball out of your hand when serving. It must be tossed into the area before being struck.

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