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Volleyball Coverage Drills

By Perry Miller

In volleyball, coverage refers to when the team surrounds the hitter on offense and the blocker on defense. Volleyball is a game of quick movements to cover the area of the court. All players have a section of court that they have to cover in any given situation. Any drill designed for coverage must first teach the position and then teach the reaction.

Beginner Coverage

Place each player in their "home" position. The coach tosses the ball over the net. The passer catches the ball and tosses to the setter. The setter catches the ball and tosses to the hitter of his choice. After the hitter catches the ball, the entire team moves into their coverage position. Do this for each hitter. This drill is designed to move slowly to teach each player where their coverage position is in all situations. By tossing and catching the ball, the drill can move at a slow pace to allow time to teach.


Begin with either a serve or a toss over the net. The ball is passed to the setter who sets the ball outside. The outside hitter hits the ball. After the hit, the coach or another player tosses a ball over the net, simulating a blocked ball. The ball is passed to the setter who then sets the weak or right side. After the next hit, another ball is tossed to simulate a block and the setter sets outside. Continue the drill as long as the team can keep the ball in play.

Defensive coverage

Place three hitters and one setter on one side of the net and an entire team on the other. On the side with the three hitters, toss the ball to the setter to set to one of them. The opposite team must move in order to cover, receive the hit or tip off a block. The setter should move the ball around on the offensive side in order to make the defensive side practice all coverage situations. Start by having the defensive team catch the ball and have them play the ball as they get better at coverage . When they begin playing the ball back the drill should move quickly.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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