Vegetables without Carbohydrates

By Leah Deitz

When people think of carbohydrates it is rare that the first thing that comes to mind is vegetables. However, there are some vegetables that are extremely high in carbs and should be avoided in low carb diets. In this review of vegetables "no carbs" indicates that those vegetables have less than 1 carbohydrate. "Low carb" vegetables contain one to three carbohydrates, "medium carbs" vegetables contain four to six carbs and "high carbohydrate" vegetables contain seven to 27 carbohydrates, which is how many are in a yam.

No Carbs

No carbohydrate vegetables can be eaten in abundance in low carbohydrate diets. These veggies include horseradish, lettuce, mushrooms and watercress.

Low Carbs

Low carbohydrate vegetables can also be eaten in abundance. Use these foods to fill up on while avoiding other carb rich foods. Enjoy asparagus, broccoli, celery, cucumber, fennel, olives, peppers and spinach as opposed to the vegetables in the medium to high carbohydrate category.

Medium Carbs

These vegetables should be consumed in moderation and include brussels sprout, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, okra and tomatoes.

High Carbs

These vegetables are high in carbohydrates and should be avoided. High carbohydrate vegetables include carrots, corn, peas, parsnips, potato and yams.


Some fruits are low in carbohydrates as well. These include blackberries, grapefruit, lemons and rhubarb

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