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How to Value a Used Golf Cart

By Jeff Dickinson

Just like any other type of vehicle, golf carts depreciate with age and use. The value of a used golf cart is based on a number of factors like brand, battery life, type of use and overall condition. Unlike with automobiles, there is not a book that lists the value of used golf carts, but there are websites that offer tips in helping owners determine the value of their golf carts.

Find out how much a new model costs. Visit a website--the cart manufacturer, a dealer or www.golfcartpriceguide.com.

Learn what similar used models from the same manufacturer are selling for by visiting auction sites like eBay. Auction sites show the price range for similar golf carts.

Determine the battery life. The age of a used golf cart is not necessarily the same as the battery. Replacing a battery will add significantly to the cost of the cart.

Pay attention to where the golf cart was used. Golf carts that are used in colder climates will not have as much wear and tear as those used in warmer climates.

Look at the used golf cart's options. Additional features like enclosures, windshield wipers, stereo systems and built-in coolers add to a cart's value.

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