How to Use an XL Glider

By Jolie Johnson

The discontinued XL Glider by Fitness Quest allows for a low-impact cardio workout. While you glide back and forth on suspended pedals, a small electronic monitor displays your speed, distance, time and calories burned. The XL Glider also includes a built-in thumb pulse device for you to check your heart rate during the workout. Start with the basic glide and increase the challenge as you progress.

Step 1

Step on the foot platforms and grab the vertical handlebars in the middle of the bar. Stand upright and maintain a straight back. Keep your toes against the front of the pedals as your feet may slide around a little bit. Keep your knees slightly bent; don't lock them out.

Step 2

Start gliding your feet back and forth so the front of each foot pedal glides just past the base of the unit. As you increase the width of your glide, allow your heels to naturally lift off the pedals.

Step 3

Start pushing and pulling the handlebars in sync to your leg movements. As your right leg glides back, push your right arm forward and vice versa. Place your hands higher or lower on the vertical handlebars for a different feel to the movement.

Step 4

Increase the difficulty of your workout by gliding wider or faster. You can also begin twisting your torso as you glide to target your abdominal muscles. For the power jog, remove your hands from the handlebars and swing them by your sides as if you are jogging.


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