How to Use WebMD's Online Symptom Checker

By Megan Shannon

Many people will experience certain symptoms that help them determine their illness. This isn't always easy though, especially if they are experiencing numerous symptoms that could be many different illnesses. WebMD has created a symptom checker that helps you determine what to do about the symptoms you are experiencing. This is a very useful and convenient tool for those little symptoms but if you still aren't sure what you have, always visit your doctor.

Visit WebMD's home page. (Link at bottom of page in References) On the home page, you will see the picture shown in this article. Below the figure in the middle right section of the home page, you will see a tab that says "Start Now." Click on this tab. If you already know what illness you might have, look in the "Find It Fast" box to the right of the symptom checker figure.

Enter your personal information. Once you click on "Start Now" you will be prompted with a few personal questions. These questions are to help give you better results during your symptom search. Choose your gender and age then enter your ZIP code and email address if you wish, but they are optional. When finished, submit your information.

Locating the human body figure on the page, click on the area of the body where you are experiencing pain or discomfort. If it is your eyes, you will click on the figure's eyes. If it is your chest, you will click on the figure's chest.

Now select the exact spot of the body area you chose. Once you click on the main area of the body on the figure, you will be prompted to select the targeted area. Say you chose the chest, now you will have a choice of selecting the chest or the sternum. Make your selection and click on it.

Now you are ready to choose your symptoms. Once you have chosen the area of your body that hurts, you can choose your symptoms. The box on the left of the page will have symptoms listed. You can scroll through the symptoms and click on the ones you are experiencing. You can choose more than one, so be sure to click on every symptom you have.

Now it's time to review the results. After you have selected all the symptoms you have, the box to the right of the symptom list will give you the possible "illnesses" that you may be experiencing. You can click on the individual results to view more information about that illness. Just remember that this is only a guide to help you and is not a doctor!


If you want fewer results at a time, just select one or a few symptoms at a time.


This health tool is not to be used as a substitute for your doctor. This health tool is used for informational purposes only.

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