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How to Use an Ultraglide Exercise Machine

By Mike Phelps

An UltraGlide exercise machine uses a portion of your own body weight as resistance for the various movements. The bench on which you either lay, sit or kneel on can be adjusted to have more or less of an incline relative to the floor. The greater the angle between the bench and the floor, the greater the percentage of your body weight is being used.

Step 1

Pick a handful of basic exercises to start. Three or four that cover your legs, back and chest muscles are enough -- for example, squat, cable chest press and cable back row.

Step 2

Adjust the amount of incline of the bench so you can perform the squat exercise for 10 to 12 repetitions without straining. Try using less than a 45-degree angle to start (the angle between the bench and the floor). Place your feet at the bottom of the bench on the footrest. Your head will be higher than your feet.

Step 3

Perform a set of lying chest presses for 8 to 10 repetitions. Use the cable attachment. Start slow, so try using around a 30-degree angle for the bench.

Step 4

Kneel on the bench and grasp the cable handles and perform the back row exercise. Keep the bench parallel with the floor until you are comfortable with this movement. Perform 8 to 10 repetitions.

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