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How to Use Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle

By Kevin Rail

The Gazelle Freestyle is a great home version of an elliptical machine. It is non-impact and can be used in multiple ways. It also comes equipped with three adjustable power pistons that increase the intensity from beginner to intermediate to expert.

Get familiar with the machine. Grip the handles and place your feet comfortably on the foot pedals. Move your arms and legs back and forth in a smooth, simultaneous gliding motion.

Strengthen your upper body and calves. Lean forward while in motion. This will put more emphasis on the chest, triceps and calves.

Target your glutes and back. Lean backwards while in motion. This will place more emphasis on the glutes, inner thighs and back. To really emphasize a glute contraction, stop the legs and arms in a fully extended position and hold for a few seconds. Then alternate to the other side. This is called a butt squeeze.

Track your progress. The Gazelle Freestyle comes equipped with an on-board computer and heart rate monitor. You can utilize these to check your distance, caloric expenditure, time and also to stay within your desired heart rate zone.

Take advantage of the features. The Freestyle also comes with two training videos, a personal trainer card, owner's manual, healthy eating guide and water bottle. One of the videos is specifically designed for targeting the lower body.

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