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How to Use a Body Fat Analyzer Scale

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If you want to know your body fat percentage, you can buy a scale with a body fat analyzer on it. Many scales with this feature use bioelectrical impedance analysis. When you step on the scale, a small electrical current (harmless to you) passes through your body. The current passes more slowly through fat than it does through muscle. The scale translates this information into your body fat percentage.

Step 01

Set up the scale. Before you step on the scale, program your individual profile settings including age and weight. This will give you a more accurate body fat measurement. This also allows for multiple individuals to use the same scale.

Step 11

Step on the scale barefoot. Within a few seconds, you will get a digital display of body fat and weight.

Step 21

Record the number. The body fat analyzer scales are convenient and provide more information than regular scales, but may not always be a true accurate depiction of your body fat. Only use the body fat analyzer to compare your own percentages to each other.

Step 31

Measure your body fat percentage at the same time every time you use it. Your body fat percentage and weight will fluctuate throughout the day. There are many factors including water intake, food, activity and body temperature that can make your body fat percentage fluctuate. So, measuring after a morning workout and an intake of a quart of water will have different results than if you measure body fat at night after a full meal.

Step 41

Use body fat percentage as just one measure of weight loss. Be sure that you use other sources such as tape measurements, resting heart rate and the way you feel in your clothes to get an accurate picture of your weight loss.

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