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How to Use a Powerball

By Contributor

The powerball gyroscope is a gyroscopic wrist exercising tool that many athletes use to strengthen and tone their wrists, forearms and shoulders. The device rehabilitates wrist joints and lower forearms for those with carpal tunnel syndrome, a previous wrist break or arthritis. People also compete with each other to get their rotor speed to the highest rotations per minute, or RPMs.

Hold the powerball gyroscope in a firm grip in one hand so that the string is visible at the palm.

Pull the string to jump start the powerball rotor. You'll be able to hear it spin as it starts.

Hold your hand so that the tips of your fingers and your wrist are facing downward to the ground.

Rotate your wrist slowly in a circular motion.

Feel the gyroscopic forces take over. The faster you rotate your wrist the faster and the stronger these forces become. You'll be able to hear it getting faster and it will sound somewhat like a motor boat.

Check out the numbers on the speedmeter, which records and stores the rotor speed in RPMs, located on the powerball gyroscope.

Use your powerball daily with each wrist to strengthen your muscles while trying to beat your highest score.

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