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How to Use Nokona Glove Conditioner

By Sarah Davis

Conditioning your Nokona baseball glove gives it supreme flexibility and control. Flexibility and control is needed when squeezing pop flies or gobbling up grounders without worries of the ball popping back out of the glove. Nokona baseball gloves are very stiff when new and without a conditioning with oil, your glove will not be ready for play until you break it in manually, which could take weeks. With Nokona glove conditioner, your glove will be ready to go in a few days.

Squeeze five drops of the glove conditioner in different places inside the palm of your baseball glove.

Rub the oil into the leather with your hands or a piece of cloth.

Squeeze more conditioner into the webbing of the glove and use your fingers to work the oil into the cracks and crevices in the web.

When you can feel the oil everywhere on the inside of the glove, turn it over and repeat the same process on the back of the glove.

Put the glove on your hand and place a baseball inside.

Take a belt or string and wrap your glove with the ball still inside. Tie the string or belt tight and let it stand overnight.

Repeat this process every night until you have the desired amount of flexibility and control.

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