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How to Use a Mini Stepper

By Jack Rella

One of the best ways to get into shape quickly is by climbing stairs. This provides a solid workout in a short amount of time. It will build cardio fitness as well as tone your legs. Knowing this, many exercise companies came out with stepper machines. They were made to use varying resistance to accomplish the same thing without a stair case in front of you. Now there are mini steppers. These compact machines are made to do the same things, but make it so you can do the workouts at home without buying an expensive machine that takes up the whole living room. These machines can actually fit right into the corner of your closet.

Enter your information into the mini stepper. Often times at the beginning (depending on your model), you will be prompted to enter things like age, weight and height into the mini stepper. This will allows the machine to calculate approximate calories burned.

Enter your workout. The next prompt will ask you to select the workout that you want to do. Many will have different options as far as different resistances to simulate hills or if you just want a flat, even resistance walk. Many times, using varied resistance will make the workout go by quicker as well as help you burn more calories.

Select the amount of time you want to work out. For a first timer, you should probably start at about 10 minutes. Hit "Start" after you enter your time.

Put one foot on one of the pads of the mini stepper, and press down. Once it is down as far as it will go, step onto the other pad with your other foot.

Alternate feet, and press down on the pads just as you would if you were climbing stairs. You should be wearing a decent pair of workout shoes with the proper support and cushioning for your feet.

Start with a very steady rhythm, and keep your arms at your side, allowing them to swing gently as they would if you were walking.

Increase the intensity after the first few minutes of walking by lifting your heels slightly and pressing down with just the ball of your foot. Continue until your time is up, and then record your workout for the day.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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