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What to Use to Lubricate a Treadmill Belt

By Jim Radenhausen

It's important to keep your treadmill in tip-top condition so that it maintains strong performance and doesn't interrupt your exercise regimen. As long as you treat it regularly with proper lubrication, you can keep your machine operational for years.

Wax or Silicone

Check your manual for instructions on what kind of lubricant your treadmill requires. Some lubricants work fine on any treadmill brand, while other treadmills require specific lubricants. Use non-petroleum-based lubricants such as wax (which is available in granular, powder or solid form) or silicone, which comes in either a liquid or a spray. Whether you treat your treadmill with wax or silicone lubrication, always use the same for future applications. If you are using a spray lubricant, spray a small amount onto a cotton cloth and wipe the equipment; don't spray directly onto the treadmill. You can buy lubricants from your treadmill's manufacturer, retail stores or online. You often can buy the lubricants as part of a kit that also includes items like an applicator, a walking belt adjustment tool, walking belt stickers and a multipurpose adjustments tool.


Whatever lubricant you use, treat your treadmill on a regular basis. The frequency in which you lubricate depends on how often it is used. Generally, if you only walk and jog on your machine, you want to lubricate at least once a year. If you do faster running, you want to lubricate at least once every six months. Remember that your treadmill's belt operates on rollers and balls bearings, which dry out over time. If you do not regularly lubricate them, you risk your the belt's and deck's ability to operate properly. By lubricating your treadmill, you can prolong your belt's life, reduce motor strain and save money.

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