How to Use Hand Warmers

By Taylor DiVico

Hand warmers are disposable packets that are placed within gloves to heat your hands during cold temperatures. Hand warmers last for hours at a time and offer a dual purpose by providing a method to heat other areas such as your feet. Hand warmers are used by outdoor workers and sports enthusiasts such as skiers to increase the temperature and movements of hands in inclement weather. Heating your extremities through warmers is an important safety precaution used to prevent frostbite and injury. Warmers specific to feet, toes and body parts are also available.

Step 1

Look for hand warmers that are guaranteed to last for the amount of time that you plan on being in inclement or cold weather. Bring extra hand warmers as a safety precaution, particularly if you're enjoying back country sports that are off-trail and unsupervised.

Step 2

Open the package that your hand warmers are in. Allow the air to touch your hand warmers. This activates the iron-oxide compound contained within the hand warmers, which gives off heat.

Step 3

Remove the tape covering the adhesive side of your hand warmers. Stick one hand warmer onto the palm of each hand. Press the hand warmers down onto your palm to minimize sliding and movement.

Step 4

Pull your gloves over the hand warmers. Your gloves will help hold the hand warmers in place. Replace your hand warmers based on the recommended amount of time, typically found in the directions on the hand warmer package.


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