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How to Use Glider Exercise Machines

By Kevin Rail

When it comes to exercise, it needs to be effective, and it needs to be fun. Glider exercise machines happen to satisfy both of those requests. If that's not good enough, they are also safe on the joints and are rather inexpensive. These machines are quite popular and grace the floors of many bedrooms, basements and living rooms nationwide. With their lightweight design and smooth action, you can get a great workout without ever leaving the comfort of your house.

Find your location. These machines are generally light, but they can be a little bulky. Locate an area where there is plenty of head room, gliding clearance and width clearance so you have plenty of room to swing your arms and legs and to easily get on and off.

Use the features. Often times, these machines come with added features such as training manuals, DVDs and menu plans. Read through everything thoroughly and watch the videos or instructional DVDs that come with them. This will help to further familiarize you with the machine, and it will enable you to get the best out of your workouts.

Work your whole body. An elliptical style glider machine works your upper and lower body simultaneously. To perform this exercise, grab the handles, place your feet on the pedals and swing them back and forth in unison in alternating sequences. You are basically emulating a running motion without the impact.

Work your legs. On the elliptical style glider, you can also just target the legs. To do this, take your hands off the swinging arms and place them on the center bar. Then swing your legs back and forth.

Row for it. Another type of glider machine is a rower. This is a piece of equipment that you sit on and row just like a boat. To use it, place your feet on the foot rests. Sit on the seat, grab a hold of the handles and then row back as you push off with your feet.

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