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How to Use Combat Sambo Techniques

By Contributor

Combat sambo is a specialized form of the Russian fighting system that was created for Soviet special forces and police. Today, combat sambo techniques are used throughout the world as an extremely effective hand-to-hand combat fighting style. From traditional judo throws to strikes and weapons handling, follow these steps to use combat sambo techniques.

Learn throws and takedowns. One of the foundations of combat sambo, and sambo in general, is judo-style throws and takedowns. These throws and takedowns leverage your knowledge of sambo to debilitate an opponent into a submission position before the opponent can throw a kick or punch or pull a weapon.

Use combat sambo strikes. Combat sambo strikes begin at very close quarters and are most effectively used in combination with a takedown or throw. Practice techniques such as the strike-throw combination which uses the shift in weight of opponent in the middle of a punch to deflect the attack and swing the opponent to the ground.

Learn the holds and locks. Combat sambo features an elaborate system of arm and leg locks, shoulder wrenches and choke holds. Many of these locks and holds are used as the final step of a throw or takedown and can be improvised from a variety of angles and positions. To really use combat sambo techniques to the fullest effectiveness, master a few of the most important grappling moves.

Deal with weapons. Perhaps one of the biggest distinctions between combat sambo and other forms of sambo is that combat sambo teaches you how to effectively deal with weapons like guns and knives. Learn the combat sambo knife defense technique, which focuses on gaining control of the knife hand and of the body of the assailant so you can turn the knife on the attacker.

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