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How to Use the ButtMaster

By Contributor

Using the ButtMaster LBX exercises in conjunction with the ThighMaster exercises can tone up your entire body. The following exercises will show you how to correctly use the ButtMaster LBX to tone up the bottom half of your body.

Place the handles of the ButtMaster LBX on the side of the knees on the outside of the legs with the yellow ball behind your legs facing downward. Pull the legs apart slowly and do fifty of these to tone the butt and outer thighs. Do the same thing with your feet elevated and flat on a stool or chair.

Keep the ButtMaster LBX on the sides of your legs by the knees and grab the seat of a chair in front of you with your hands, bending at the waist. Move your knees in and out thirty to fifty times to tone the butt.

Get on all fours while keeping the ButtMaster LBX on the outside of your thighs above the knees. Raise your leg out to the side and back again. Repeat on each side about ten to twenty-five times to tone the butt.

Roll over on your back and end your knees upward. Lift your hips off the floor with the ButtMaster LBX still on the outside of your knees and the yellow cap close to the floor. Pull your knees apart and back together about thirty times to tone the butt.

Turn over on your right side and lean on the floor with your right elbow while keeping the legs bent slightly. Keep the ButtMaster LBX around the back of your legs at the knees and lift your left leg up. Count to three and slowly return your leg back down doing this twenty-five to thirty times on each side to tone the butt.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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