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How to Use Bowflex As a Rower

By Marie Kaye

You may know the Bowflex as a standing unit that offers a challenging resistance workout for strength training. With a little bit of know-how, many models of the Bowflex also can be used as a rower for a cardiovascular workout too. Your owner's manual will tell you if your unit is capable of converting.

Step 1

Remove the bench from the Bowflex.

Step 2

Unlock the seat by pulling out the pin and placing it in the "out" position. The seat should move freely to accommodate the rowing motion.

For a Bowflex Revolution, set the adjustable arms to "9" and the handles at the shortest setting possible. The D-ring should be close to the grip. The seat should be set to slide.

Step 3

Choose the appropriate weight. The resistance should provide a challenging workout, but it should be at a level that can be leg-pressed. Be sure it does not cause too much strain on the hands -- if using the hand grips -- and shoulder joints.

Step 4

Sit facing your machine and position yourself so that both feet are on the foot rest and your back is straight; with body weight evenly distributed.

Step 5

Bend your knees and grab the handles. Your arms should be straight and your back should remain upright as opposed to bent over or leaning forward or backward.

Step 6

Push back by straightening legs and bending arms at the same time. This will move the seat backward along the machine. The Bowflex rods will bend as you push back, and the motion should simulate rowing a boat.

Step 7

Continue the rowing motion for the desired time.

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