How to Use Acupressure Points to Treat Bells Palsy

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Using acupressure points to relieve Bells Palsy and the pain associated with this problem. This article describes how to find the acupressure points, which are associated with the face and that area of the body.

Reach your left hand to the back of your neck, placing the thumb on the thumb on the shoulder, index finger a bit higher on the neck itself, with the rest of the fingers stretched up the neck. Go ahead, do the same with the right hand, placing the fingers in the same positions on the right side of the neck.

Apply firm pressure with the index fingers you will notice a tender spot under your index finger. This is the spot to massage with a little pressure for up to a minute. Rub or massage the neck muscles for up to a minute do this up to three times a day to relieve the headaches, which are common with Bells Palsy, as well as tension headaches.

Visualize a healthy body as you massage this region of the neck, not only will you feel better, you will also find yourself having less pain, and less tension headaches as well.

Touch the spot between the eyes, above the nose. Gently massage this area for a minute do this up to three times to reduce eye pain and eye strain associated with Bells Palsy. This technique helps both eyes feel better and improves the general health within both eyes, which will help the Bells Palsy patient feel better. It also helps with the headaches which come from straining the eyes during any time we over strain them.

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