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How to Use an AB Trainer

By Kimberly Alston

Many people have stomachs that they want to tone. Due to lifestyle choices, stress, or pregnancy many people have excess belly fat. This fat can be hard to control. The Ab Trainer provides support for crunches done on the floor. Although the Trainer does not do it for you, it can make crunches much easier while still accomplishing desirable results. With the purchase of an Ab Trainer you can be well on your way to a six-pack.

Put down the exercise mat. Place the Ab Trainer on top of the mat.

Lie down on the mat grasping your hands around the Ab Trainer frame.

Keep your feet flat on the floor and your head flat on the head rest.

Grasp the frame, use your abdominal muscles to lift your head to about a 45 degree angle. Lower your body back down to the mat.

Repeat Step 4. Complete at least 3 sets of 15. Increase the number in each set as the exercise becomes easy and you can continue to see results.

Repeat the abdominal exercises with the Ab Trainer three to four times a week.

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