Urban Rebounding Certifications

By Cicely A. Richard

Fitness instructor and martial artist JB Berns created the Urban Rebounding program as an effective, calorie-burning workout that does not place added stress on the knees. The program consists of doing aerobics and muscle-toning exercises on a miniature trampoline. Because you are jumping on a trampoline instead of a hard floor, you minimize knee injuries. If you decide to become an Urban Rebounding certified trainer, the company provides instructor workshops and at-home training.

Instructor Workshops

Urban Rebounding offers instructor training workshops around the world. Workshops take approximately eight hours on the weekend to complete and are divided into four sections. They include an overview of the program, physical execution, beyond The Gym Urban Rebounding Program class and the psychology of teaching. Physical execution covers the different moves such as kicks, punching and high-low aerobics. Beyond The Gym Urban Rebounding covers the benefits of the classes. Once you finish the workshop, the instructor evaluates your ability to correctly execute exercise moves. You receive American Council on Exercise (ACE) instructor certification of completing the workshop.

At-Home Training

The Urban Rebounding Home Study program gives you a chance to earn your certification if you are unable to attend workshops offered throughout the year. Home study programs include an instructor training manual, a study guide and three DVDs demonstrating different exercise moves and showing how to work with students with specific needs. The three DVDs contain 20 different workouts to view. If you don't have a rebounder, you pay extra for a mini trampoline. The home-study courses do not contain ACE or other fitness certifications. You'll have to apply for them separately.

Shadow an Instructor

As you work on your instructor certification, shadow an Urban Rebounding class at a local gym to get teaching ideas. Ask your instructor to let you lead a segment of the class or an entire class. Your instructor can critique your teaching methods and give suggestions on how to improve your technique. Talk to your instructor about meeting the needs of clients with special physical needs. If you've been Urban Rebounding at home, check local gyms for classes. Bally's Total Fitness offers Urban Rebounding. Give small classes for friends and neighbors if no gyms are nearby.

Signing Up for Certification Classes

Once you are ready to get your Urban Rebounding certification, Urbanreboundinggym.com lets you contact the company via phone or email. The website also allows you to pay for home-study training classes. ACE also provides instructor training for various fitness disciplines, including Urban Rebounding. Check the ACE website to find out when it is offering training classes.

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