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How to Unite a Cheerleading Squad

By Contributor

You can avoid squabbles and other disputes by uniting your cheerleading squad early on. Before you get too far into the season, try these bonding activities. A united cheerleading squad is one that works well together and encourages one another.

Write in "YES" books at the end of each practice. Each cheerleader decorates a small notebook with the letters "YES" which stands for "You're Extra Special." Write positive notes to each other throughout the week, and then have fun seeing what positive things your fellow cheerleaders have written about you.

Plan a cheerleading squad slumber party. This is a great way to get to know the other members on the team. Include everyone in the slumber party games and activities.

Go to a cheerleading camp together. The long hours you spend at camp can unite the squad.

Play the trust circle game. One person stands in the middle of a circle with her eyes closed and her arms crossed on her chest. She then leans one way staying completely stiff. The girls in the circle catch her and send her tilting in another direction.

Do fundraisers for your cheerleading squad together. This is a great way to bond and make money for the squad.

Create a big sister/little sister program. A returning cheerleader is paired with a new one. Big sisters help the little sisters with everything from learning new cheers to homework. This is a great way for new cheerleaders to feel as if they are part of the squad.

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