How to Unfold the Proform 755

By Sommer Leigh

ProForm's 755 CrossTrainer treadmill offers a space saving design. It folds up compactly for storage between workout sessions. Store it against a wall, out of the way, until the next time you exercise. A latch system holds the treadmill in place when it's folded. When you wish to unfold it, it's simply a twist of the latch that allows you to lower the frame to the floor and ready the treadmill for use.

Place one hand on the bottom of the treadmill at the top. Do not grab the frame by the plastic foot rails.

Push the frame slightly forward, while pulling the latch towards the left.

Hold the knob in position, as you start to pull the frame down.

Let go of the latch after you pull the frame back.

Move the treadmill's lower frame down to the floor, while gripping and guiding it with both hands. Do not allow the frame to drop down to the floor; guide it securely and slowly.

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