How to Understand Volleyball Statistics

By Jeff Gordon

The key individual volleyball statistics are assists, attacks, attack errors, kills, hitting percentage, block solos, block assists, digs, service aces, service errors, receptions and reception errors. You must thoroughly understand volleyball rules to accurately track these statistics for a team.

Service Aces, Service Errors

Aces are awarded when a serve lands untouched on the opposing side or the other team fails to keep it in play. You also get an ace when the passer is called for a reception error or the receiving team is called for overlapping or getting out of rotation. Service errors are awarded for foot faults and serves short of the net, out of bounds or off the antenna. Also, you earn an error if somebody serves in your place out of rotation.

Receptions, Reception Errors

Players earn a service reception for receiving the serve and passing it to a teammate. You get a reception error for letting the ball hit the floor near you, failing to pass the ball to teammate or getting called for a lift.

Attack Attempts, Errors

An attack is any overhead contact of the ball designed to score. Attack errors are assessed for attacks hit out of bounds, into the antenna or into the net leading to a four-hit violation. If your attack is blocked back onto your side of the court for a point, you get an error. Center line violations will earn you an error, as will illegal contact calls.

Kills, Hitting Percentage

Any attack that lands for a point results in a kill. Kills are also awarded when a set or a dig crosses the net and lands on the floor. An attack blocked out of bounds or into the net results in a kill. You also get a kill when an opposing blocker is in the net, earns a center line violation or is called for a blocking error. Your hitting percentage is kills minus attack errors, divided by attack attempts.


You get an assist for passing the ball to a teammate who attacks the ball for a kill. Also, you can get an assist if your dig directly sets up a kill.

Blocks and Block Assists

When you block an attack attempt back into the opposition's court to earn a point, you earn a block. Solo blocks are awarded went just one player jumps up to make the play. If two or three players jump up and overlap, each get an assist even if only one player touches the ball.


If you control an attack bid by passing the ball to a teammate, you earn a dig. You do not earn a dig for receiving a serve or playing the ball off of a block attempt.

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