U6 Youth Soccer Drills

By Jeff Todd

Design youth soccer drills that are instructive as well as entertaining for U6 players. Make sure to stress teamwork during the drill sessions, so the players will learn to share the ball. Spend extra time with a player who has trouble performing a drill correctly. After the drill session, let the players scrimmage against each other. Stop the scrimmage frequently, to show the players how the drills apply in a game situation.

Passing Drill

Have the players gather in a circle to conduct the passing drill. Tell one player to stand in the center with a soccer ball. Instruct him to pass the ball to any player standing in the outer part of the circle. That player will control the ball, then pass it back to the center. Continue the drill until the player in the center has made at least one pass to everyone standing in the circle. Make sure the players use both feet during the drill, so they develop passing skills with their weaker foot.

Shooting Drill

Include a shooting drill during each U6 soccer practice. Many young players do not know how to properly kick a moving ball. They will stop the ball first, then try to kick it forward. Have the players line up in single file 10 yards in front of the goal. Stand in the goal, then slowly roll a ball out to the first player in line. Tell her to run forward and kick the ball toward the goal without stopping it first. Have her go to the back of the line after the kick. Once each player has had a turn, repeat the drill and instruct the players to use their opposite foot during the second turn. Step in to make any shooting technique corrections when necessary.

Trapping Drill

U6 soccer drills for trapping will teach a player how to stop a moving soccer ball. Have the team pair up and give each pair one ball. Instruct the player with the ball to gently pass it to his partner. Have that player stop the rolling ball with one foot. Make sure the players alternate which foot they stop the ball with during the drill.

Defensive Drill

Conduct defensive drills during each U6 soccer training session. Divide the players into groups of three. Place four cones 10 feet apart in the shape of a square. Give each group one soccer ball and choose one player to be the defender. Have the other two players pass the ball back in forth, while the defender tries to steal the ball or kick it outside of the square. Once the offensive players lose possession of the ball, have the players change position. Move the defender to offense and have one of the offensive players switch to defense. Continue the drill until each player has a turn on defense.

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