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Types Rifle Scopes Used in 1000 Yard Shooting

By Rochelle Connery

Whether you're buying a rifle scope for hunting or would like to sharpen your target practice skills, buying a rifle scope sighted in for 1,000 yards or more can help you see what you're shooting better than the human eye can through a non-optical scope. These scopes range in price depending on the brand and quality you choose. Keep in mind what type of rifle you'll be shooting when choosing a scope

1000 Yard Scope Magnification

It's important to understand that bigger magnification doesn't necessarily mean better. Oftentimes, a rifle scope boasts more than 10 times the magnification of an object, but the image can be so distorted it's hard to tell what exactly you're shooting at. According to shootingtimes.com, you don't need all that much magnification to shoot at long distances. They suggest choosing a scope with 10 times magnification for optimal results, although a seven or eight magnification will work as well. The magnification of a scope is indicated by the the number of magnification followed by an "X." Thus, a rifle scope with 10 magnification looks like "10X."

Mounted Sniper Scope

Sniper scopes are equipped to magnify the target between five and 10 times its original size, making it far easier to see through a scope when shooting. These scopes are typically used by military and law enforcement, though some civilians might enjoy using this type of scope as well. Sniper scopes are also able to factor in external elements such as wind and heat to increase the accuracy of the bullet. According to scopesguide.com, a sniper scope should be attached only to sniping rifles, not hunting rifles

Night Vision Scope

Serious hunters might consider night vision scopes with 1,000 yards of visibility. Night vision scopes with a large magnification can provide 500 yards to 1,000 yards of visibility at night. Keep in mind the more magnification a scope provides, the more wind and the shooter's body movement will be magnified and thus distort the sight picture. Choose a scope with 10 to 15 times magnification to see a target hundreds of yards away.

Mounted Rifle Scope

Rifle scopes with magnification power of more than 10 should be sufficient for shooting most objects at 1,000 yards. Rifle scopes in this caliber differ from sniper scopes in that their magnification is not sighted in to help factor out the heat and wind elements. The shooter must rely solely on his or her own judgment when shooting with a rifle scope at a high magnification power. If the shooter doesn't wish to mount the rifle scope, he or she can opt for a spotting scope, which is usually mounted on a tripod or held by an assistant. This can alleviate some of the awkwardness felt when using a heavy mounted scope.

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