What Type of Stuff Do You Do at Cheer Camp?

By Chris Burke

Summer cheer camps have been a cheer team tradition for decades. Whether as an individual camper or as a part of a cheer team, you will find a variety of activities at cheer camps across the United States. These camps offer tumbling and safety training, team building, performance and dance routines, along with the activities offered at traditional summer camps.

Individual Skills

Cheer camps offer a variety of individual skill-building activities. Most camps offer personal attention with counselors who train you in specific tumbling techniques as well as safety skills. These activities include moves such as flips, somersaults and other tumbles and stunts. Some use aids including trampolines, foam pits and bungie harnesses.

Team Skills

If you go to a cheer camp with your team, you will practice many team-based cheer activities, depending on the goals of your team. You could work on specific routines your team plans on using. You also will work on team stunts and partner stunts and tumbling. Camps also focus on team safety skills and safe transitions. Camps also work on crowd cheering skills, helping you and your team to encourage fans at sporting events.

Team Building

In addition to team cheer skill building, you will also participate in team-building activities designed to bond you and your teammates together. Each camp has its own activities for your team, but you can expect games like trust falls, team talk activities and other games that encourage trust, communication and friendship among you and your teammates.

Camp Activities

Cheer camps offer much more than just cheer activities. Camps have noncheer facilities like swimming pools, tennis courts and basketball courts. They may also offer different activities such as art classes, nature walks and scavenger hunts. Most camps schedule free time for you to work on cheer activities, use the camp facilities or spend time with your teammates.


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