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How to Twirl a Baton

By Contributor

Twirling is found in many gymnastic and dancing performances. The most common are baton twirling majorettes that often perform with marching bands. Twirling involves not only the twirling itself but also gymnastics, dancing and juggling. To get started, begin with the following steps to begin learning how to twirl like a pro.

Hold the baton vertically in your dominant hand. With your index finger and thumb, grab the center of the baton and hold the baton loosely. For beginners, place your middle finger between your thumb and index finger with your middle finger on the thumb side of the baton. It should be similar to holding a pencil.

Turn your wrist so that the back of your hand faces up and slightly to the left. This will turn the baton so that it is almost horizontal. If you are left handed, simply reverse the directions.

Turn your wrist again so that your palm is now facing up. In the same motion, follow through the same turn of your wrist so that it looks like you would be pointing to the audience in front of you. This movement should be smooth. The baton will now be pointing forward.

Turn your entire forearm this time until the inside of your wrist is now facing upward and the tip of the baton that was pointing upward moves from pointing upward to now pointing forward and slightly down. You want this motion to be smooth. The key to baton twirling is to keep your movements smooth.

Bring the baton in so that the tip that was pointing away from you is now pointing directly at you. The baton should be slightly slanted and not perfectly vertical.

Repeat the steps. Instead of beginning in a perfectly vertical position like you did in the beginning, begin with the slightly slanted position that you just completed. Move slowly until you understand and remember all of the movements. Then begin building up speed. It should look like the baton is spinning a circle with a slight twist to the movement.

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