How to Troubleshoot a Vitamaster Pro 1200 Treadmill

By Mindi Orth

Many people rely on treadmills to help keep them in shape. Vitamaster treadmills are older model treadmills, providing basic features without a lot of the extras offered by today's models. Like any piece of equipment, a Vitamaster treadmill may begin to malfunction over time. Determine the potential cause of the problem you are experiencing with your Vitamaster Pro 1200 treadmill by performing a few tests.

Check the Vitamaster's motor function. Turn on the treadmill and select the slowest speed setting. Stand on the side of the belt and gently press one foot onto the belt. Do not place your entire body weight on the belt. If the belt slows considerably under the weight, a problem with the motor may be to blame.

Turn off the Vitamaster treadmill and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Troubleshooting certain components of the treadmill while it is connected to a power source may result in injury.

Test for a problem with the Vitamaster's internal circuitry. Take off the treadmill's motor cover by removing the bolts that hold it in place. Set the cover and the bolts to the side. Find the circuit board located closest to the motor and connect a voltage meter to the circuit board's drive motor terminals. Set the meter at 12 volts to perform the test. A negative reading indicates a potential issue with the internal circuitry.

Loosen the running belt to check it for damage. Using a wrench, turn the belt adjustment bolts in a counterclockwise rotation a few time. Find the belt adjustment bolts near the rear of the treadmill. Check the edges and underside of the belt thoroughly for any hardening, discoloration and excessive wear as these indicate a need for belt replacement. Finding excessive wear strictly along the edges of the belt usually proves a misaligned belt.

Test the functionality of the incline feature. Plug the Vitamaster's power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the treadmill. Do not stand on the belt for this test. Set the treadmill speed to the slowest setting, and press the incline keys to increase and decrease the level of incline. Unusual noise or erratic movement that occurs while changing the level of incline often indicates a need to lubricate the incline arm pivot bushing.

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