How to Troubleshoot a ProForm CrossWalk

By Jolie Johnson

ProForm Crosswalk treadmills have swing arms that give you an upper body workout while you walk on the treadmill. Crosswalk treadmills also include a power incline ramp and digitally-adjustable belt speeds. A ProForm Crosswalk treadmill requires the same basic maintenance as a standard treadmill, except you also have to maintain the crosswalk arms. Troubleshoot problems with the swing arms, incline ramp and the running belt yourself before contacting ProForm. You may save yourself time and money.

Swing Arms Squeak

Unscrew the resistance knob, which is at the bottom of the swing arm where the arm connects to the treadmill upright. Completely remove the resistance knob.

Pull the resistance assembly out of the upright. Place a small amount of grease on the resistance cone -- this is the part of the assembly that slides into the upright.

Slide the assembly back in the upright. Replace and tighten the resistance knob. Repeat on the other swing arm.

Incline Doesn't Change Correctly

Insert the magnetic safety key in the console.

Press either the incline up or down arrow button. The incline ramp will begin moving. While it is moving, remove the magnetic key from the console.

Wait until the incline ramp stops moving and reinsert the magnetic key. The ramp will move to its highest level then back down to its lowest level. This recalibrates the incline system.

Walking Belt Slips

Remove the magnetic key and unplug your treadmill. Locate the idler bolts at the back of your ProForm Crosswalk treadmill. They are in the end-caps on each side of the treadmill.

Use an Allen wrench to turn the left idler bolt 1/2 turn clockwise if the belt slips to the left. If the belt shifts to the right, turn the bolt 1/2 turn counterclockwise.

Plug in the Crosswalk treadmill and insert the key in the console. Stand behind the treadmill, run the belt at a medium speed and watch the belt to see if it is centered. If not, repeat Steps 1 and 2 until it is centered.


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