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How to Troubleshoot a NordicTrack

By Meredith Jameson

The NordicTrack Company manufactures a wide range of exercise equipment, including elliptical machines, incline trainers, striding machines, exercise bikes and treadmills, among others. Many NordicTrack items are meant for use in the home and can also be found in many gyms and fitness centers. Once assembled, most NordicTrack equipment works with little difficulty and should be relatively easy for individuals to learn how to use. If difficulties arise, troubleshooting a NordicTrack machine can restore the unit to proper functioning.

Check that the power cord is properly connected to the NordicTrack and plugged fully into a grounded electrical outlet if the machine does not turn on. If the unit is plugged in correctly, look at the reset switch, located on the frame near the power cord. If the switch is flipped open, wait five minutes then push the switch back in.

Remove the key from the console, wait a minute and reinsert the key back into the console if the buttons on the console are not functioning properly. If the console stays on when the key is taken out of the console, the device is likely still in "Demo" mode. Hold down the "Stop" button for a few seconds to turn off the "Demo" mode and restart the unit.

Turn the machine off and unplug the machine if the console display is not working correctly. Wait a few minutes and plug the machine back into the electrical supply and turn on. The console should now operate correctly.

Hold down the "Stop" and "Speed" buttons at the same time if the incline is not changing as desired. Insert the key into the console while holding down the buttons and then release the buttons. Press the "Stop" button and the arrows to increase or decrease the incline. This will cause the incline to recalibrate. Remove the key from the console unit.

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