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How to Train Like Michelle Rodriguez

By Contributor

Michelle Rodriguez is Hollywood's go to girl for playing tough female characters on screen. In her toughest film role, "Girlfight," Michelle played a boxer named Diana. To get the tight toned body showcased in the film, Michelle received over 4 months of intense training. Get a female boxer's body like Michelle Rodriguez with this strategy.

Follow a boxer's diet plan, which is vital to staying in top physical condition. Eat more protein to build lean muscle mass add carbohydrates for increased energy and increase your water intake to prevent dehydration as you train.

Train at a boxing gym to get access to boxing rings, speed bags, heavy bags and other equipment not offered at traditional gyms. Michelle trained at Brooklyn's Gleason's Gym check out local boxing clubs and camps in your area to find programs geared towards female boxers.

Get a personal trainer to take your body to the next level. Michelle had access to several personal trainers in order to prepare her for her role. A personal trainer can guide you through circuit training, calisthenics, jumping rope, weight lifting and other workout regiment like Rodriguez.

Test out your boxing skills by sparring in an amateur fight. Michelle's trainers were so impressed with her transformation they encouraged her to go pro. Most local boxing gyms offer a chance to train with others on your fitness level.

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