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How to Train With a Bungee Cord

By Michele M. Howard

Whether you’re an athlete looking for ways to improve your performance -- speed, acceleration, footwork or stride length -- or a fitness buff wanting to improve your overall strength and endurance, bungee cord training can help you achieve your goals. Not to be confused with resistance tubes or bands, bungees are elastic cords with different levels of resistance and are made with one large or several smaller elastic strands covered by a nylon sleeve. You have many bungee exercises and drills to choose from -- some with a partner, and others performed solo.

Step 1

Perform resisted sprint drills to help build lower-body power and to work on your explosive movements. Strap on a training belt, clip one end of the bungee to the back of the belt and have a training partner hold the other end. Walk forward until there's no slack in the bungee. Take a starting stance, which can be a standing position or the way you might set up in starting blocks. With your partner standing in place, sprint forward about 20 yards against the bungee's resistance and return to the start. Repeat three times, remove the bungee and sprint 20 yards, bungee-free. Repeat the sequence five times during each workout.

Step 2

Clip the bungee to the front of the belt to perform an over-speed drill, which allows you to train at a speed faster than you could on your own effort. Have a partner take the other end of the bungee, walk out in front of you and stretch the bungee enough so it starts to pull you forward. Take your starting stance and upon a signal from your partner, explode forward. At the same time, your partner runs in front of you and maintains a constant tension on the bungee. Sprint 20 yards, relax and repeat. Perform three times, remove the bungee and sprint 20 yards, bungee-free. Repeat the sequence five times during each workout.

Step 3

Adjust the belt and attach the bungee on the side to work on your footwork and lateral movement. Have your partner hold the free end of the bungee and walk to your left until there's no slack in the bungee. Get into an athletic stance -- bend your knees, lower your body slightly, keep your head and chest up and hold your arms slightly bent in front of your body. Shuffle 12 to 15 yards to your right against the resistance. Shuffle back to the start while maintaining your balance and control, rest 45 seconds and repeat. Perform three sets to your right and then repeat to the left.

Step 4

Secure one end of the bungee to a stationary object with an anchor attachment to perform an upper- and lower-body strengthening exercise. Stretch the bungee out until there's no slack in the cord, which is where you'll start the exercise. Place a training cone about 10 yards ahead of this spot. At the starting spot, attach the bungee to the back of your belt and get down into a crawl position, balanced on your hands and toes. Move forward in a high crawl -- more like a bear crawl than an Army crawl -- as fast as you can, touch the cone, backward crawl to the start and repeat. Perform five times, rest for 10 seconds and repeat. A variation is to crawl to the cone, stay and touch it 10 times, alternating hands.

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