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How to Train for a Boxing Match

By braniac

If you have a fight coming up and you want to prepare for the fight. This is a great exercise program for you. Or if you want to stay in fighting shape this is a great exercise and ways to do so.

Shadow boxing is a huge part of training for a fight it helps with muscle memory and stamina. It is really important when you shadow box that you imagine that you are fighting someone. You should shadow box every day until the fight, for 6-10 minutes . This also depends on how many rounds the fight will be for, because you will want to shadow box for the same amount of rounds the fight is supposed to be.

Sparring once or twice a week with a sparring partner for at least 3-6 rounds per week total is a great way to stay and maintain fighting shape. Always wear the protective head gear and gloves.

You should hit the heavy bag at least 6 - 12 rounds per week for stamina and power.

The double end bag should be hit for at least 6 - 12 rounds per week for accuracy, stamina and reflex.

Hitting the speed bag for 12 16 rounds per week for stamina and speed is excellent conditioning no matter how good you are you should still attempt hitting the speed bag even if you aren't that good still go at it.

Jumping rope is a great exercise to build stamina coordination and punching technique. Jumping rope is essential to learning how to box and also throwing punches it teaches you how to use your body affectively. You should jump rope 3 to 4 times a week for 12 to fifteen minutes each time. You can do this with or without 1 minute rests in-between.

You should run twice a week implementing interval training meaning you run as if you are fighting a round , For example if you are training for a 3 round two minutes per round fight then you should run 4 rounds at top speed for two minutes each round with 1 minute rests. This will build extreme stamina and leg power and the ability to fight without getting tired.

You need to rest 7 to 8 hours a night of sleep.

It is important that you also carbohydrate reload within 1 hour of exercising to replenish the muscles expended energy. So you will be able to do the same exercise in the future. Chocolate milk is a great replenisher of carbohydrate and protein.

It is important to avoid static stretching which are stretches that you hold for 10 seconds or more because they make you weaker . You must implement dynamic stretching which is stretching that you do while you warm up. That is why a good way to warm up is shadow boxing or jumping rope.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
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